Introducing Park House School specialist teachers and key-workers.

We hire specialist, highly-trained staff. Their skills are monitored and termly supervision sessions help ensure high standards of teaching. Our staff participate in continual development programmes, including nationally accredited training courses.

All staff undertake annual Safeguarding, First Aid, Norfolk STEPS – STEP-ON (De-escalation) and STEP-UP (Positive Handling) and Fire Awareness Training.

Staff are trained and, when appropriate, use TEACCH (including work stations, visual timetables), PECS, Social Stories and Social Thinking strategies.

Jane Crossland
Alan Crossland
Tacita Crossland
Tom Crossland
Beth Crossland

Gemma Simper

Jason Wright

Nicola Houghton

Alison Chatfield

Luke Thomas
Emily Crown

Rebecca Ford

Vicky Welbourne
Kathryn Forster


  • Tracey Taylor
  • Ben Spriggs
  • Karen Cherry
  • Adam Sampson
  • Helen Evans
  • Megan Carter
  • Mel Jacombs
  • Shannon Burton
  • Charlotte Brunton
  • Hayley Bowes
  • Pip Herbst
  • Claire Clark
  • Robert Bugalski
  • Holly Makepeace
  • Lindsey Newbegin
  • Lisa Tawn
  • Tina Beach
  • Emma Rivers
  • Darren Richardson
  • Gareth Rowberry
  • Sarah Kelley
  • Ella Beeby
  • Emma Barnard

Finance Officer

  • Diane Dove

Business Support – HR

  • Charlie Edwards

Site Team

  • Mel Gavaghan
  • Robin Epton
  • Ben Spriggs

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