The school has a Confidentiality Policy. Parents/carers need to be aware that we make safeguarding and promotion of the welfare of its pupils an overriding priority.

The Principal takes responsibility for the welfare of the pupils and s/he will take any necessary action, contacting parents and other agencies as appropriate. A copy of our Child Protection Policy is available on request.

The law and your LEA require schools to report any obvious, or suspected, child abuse, whatever their views of the likelihood of abuse. This procedure is intended to protect children and if there are any suspicions it is better to be safe than sorry.

This does mean the school risks upsetting some parents by reporting a case that after investigation is proved to be unfounded. We hope that you understand our responsibility to carry out this task and that we act only in order to protect young people.

Staff Recruitment processes at Park House School:

  • Pre-employment checks are made and include the taking up of references, and vetting of staff, including supply staff, using List 99 and DBS checks.
  • A Single Central List is kept, including details for all staff, volunteers and Development Group members who work in our school.
  • Staff induction is provided, with Child protection training that includes how to record a disclosure, or to refer any child protection concern to our Designated Child Protection Officer.
  • On-going staff training is provided about the signs and symptoms of abuse and how to record concerns.

School Security:

  • All visitors must report and sign in at the school office.
  • We maintain a safe and calm environment for both staff and pupils. We will not accept any verbal or physical abuse, or any behaviour from visitors which disrupts this safe and calm environment.
  • Our Business Manager assists with enquiries and will arrange appointments for you, either in person or by phone.

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