Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe we are now only three weeks away from the end of this school year, but we are!

We finish for the children on either Monday 20th or Tuesday 21st July, depending on which of these days they would be in school.  Sadly, we cannot have our usual end of term get together with our stalls and barbecue, but we will be doing something one each of these days to mark the end of this school year for the children and young people.

It has been an absolute joy to welcome more pupils back to school this week.  It always amazes me how much they change and grow in longer periods away from school!  The new returners have had a good week and it has been great having them back again.

Summer Holiday Activity Week
Monday 17th – Friday 21st August

We will be open for activity days during this week.  The organisation for the week will match the way we are currently working, so your child is welcome to come into school for either two or three days that week if you, and they, would like to be here at school.

Until I know who wants to come in during that week, I cannot say who will be able to come in on what days.  There is a return slip at the end of this newsletter for you to return, or, alternatively, you can e-mail me this back to me with your decision.  I am asking that you get this back to me by next Friday 10th July at the latest, so I can organise the week before we break up.

We will not be following a normal school timetable on the day the children are in that week.  There will be activities put in on each day and these will depend on what we are able to do at that time, so I cannot tell you what these will be at the moment.  If at all possible, and it is safe to do so, we will look at going off site, but this will depend on the national situation at that time.  Regardless of whether we can go somewhere else, the emphasis for the days the pupils are in will be on fun, interesting, practical, doing activities.

Again, until I know who wants to come in and for how many days, I cannot say who will be in, but we will do our best to put friends together if they want to come in.  There is a section for this on the return slip.

There will be no charge this year for the Activity Week this year.  Ideally we would ask that parents bring their children to and collect them from school on the days they will be in, but, if this is not possible and you and your child decide they want to attend, we will do our best to work out a way of getting them to and from school.  Again, if you could indicate this on the return slip that would be very helpful in planning terms.

I will be here throughout the week as usual.

Staffing Update

As you know we have had 4 staff not able to come into school because they are either shielding on Government advice, or have been caring for elderly relatives whose usual carers have been shielding.

Next week sees Linda and Louise returning to school for the first time since the current COVID situation began.  Linda will be in on Mondays and Wednesdays and Louise on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Robert will be back from Monday 13th July as well.  Claire Clarke, one of our Keyworkers, is still shielding, but hopes to be able to join us during the Activity Week.

Pupil’s Leaving Park House School

The end of this term sees both Ricardo, Thomas and William leaving Park House.

Ricardo has been with us since  September 2012, so a full 8 academic years.  For the past year he has been spending 3 days each week at Peterborough Regional College and the remaining two days here at school.  From September he will be at Peterborough College full time.   He has been a very popular and hard-working pupil and for many of the students a ‘fixture’ because he has been here so long.  He is now ready to move on and we wish him every continuing success at the College and in whatever he goes on to after this.

Thomas has been here at Park House even longer than Ricardo, since March 2009, so almost 11½ years!  Looking back at some old photos of when he first came, it is hard to imagine that the little boy in these is the same person as the tall, thin, handsome young man he is now!  Sadly, Thomas has not been able to come into school since the current situation began, but, hopefully, some of us may just happen to ‘bump’ into him while we are having a picnic somewhere, when things become more normal.

William has been at Park House School since February 2017.  He is currently completing his studies for additional GCSEs with Red Balloon of the Air, having gained 3 GCSEs last year.  William will be moving on to the College of West Anglia in September and we wish him too every success in his future studies.

September 2020

The only change to staffing for September, at the moment, is the start of the new Principal, Gemma Simper.  She has been into school this week to discuss a number of handover issues and is looking forward to starting with everyone at the start of the new academic year.  Gemma and I will meet in the middle of August and she will then let everyone know her decision about how the school will re-open in September.

We are hoping to welcome 4 new pupils in September with ages ranging from 9 – 14.  Plans are already underway for them to start with us, although because of the current situation we have not been able to offer the usual transition package to them and their families.  It is a long time since we have had 4 new pupils starting at the same time and we are looking forward to welcoming them all after the summer break.

We appear to have been very fortunate so far in that we have had no one directly related to the school who has tested positive for the coronavirus infection.  We continue to take every precaution we can here in school to keep staff, pupils and therefore their families as safe as we can.  I sincerely hope that we, you and your family all continue to be safe and virus free in the coming months.

Yours truly

Tim Howley

Principal, Park House School