Educational and therapeutic facilities in a former family home.

Park House School has a collection of welcoming classrooms, within a Victorian house, an old chapel, and the grounds. Our first student joined the school in 2005. Since then we’ve expanded and are helping more autistic young learners than we dreamed possible. 

Everything students need:

  • Private grounds with green spaces for pupils to participate in games and activities
  • Well equipped Design Technology/ Art work room
  • ICT equipment for students’ use
  • Spaces designed for the therapists to have individual and group sessions.

Students are offered a home ‘base’ room, in which to study or relax. As pupils develop their strategies to cope with others their home base may become a shared space for one, or more, student(s). They love to help design, layout and decorate their personal base. 

We have two well-equipped kitchens where students learn essential living skills including food preparation and cooking, or washing and drying clothes. 

Younger students enjoy our large activity room, which has soft play equipment. One corner of the room can be used as a quiet space where your child can relax under adult supervision. Outside, we have a play area, which is specially designed to promote development of children’s gross motor and play skills. 

We have recently acquired the ‘Old Chapel’ in Thorney, where students learn in a shared space, based on their individual needs.  

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