Park House School is a warm and nurturing setting where children are given time and space in which to learn.

We are a small and therapeutic school community focusing on offering rewarding experiences and functional life skills.

Taking into account their chronological, developmental and emotional age PHS provides it’s pupils with a broad, balanced and individualised curriculum, and appropriate knowledge, skills and strategies to ensure a successful and effective transition into adulthood.

PHS also aims, where appropriate, possible and practical, to reintegrate children into a main-stream educational setting.

We aim to help youngsters:

  • Feel safe and secure
  • Develop their skills and abilities to the fullest potential
  • Develop their skills at a natural pace
  • To treat others, and be treated themselves, as individuals
  • Learn functional skills to live independently

“A youngster’s first year at PHS is often spent settling in and developing communication, interaction and sensory integration skills.”

Students with an autism spectrum disorder can benefit from a structured environment of routines and clear expectations.

Learning opportunities at Park House School include group work, play and quiet time, all with an emphasis on communication, interaction and daily living skills.

Our students receive:

  • Individual school curricula and personal timetables
  • Rewards for progression towards individual goals
  • A team of speech, occupational and behavioural therapists
  • Individual adult support

Parents and carers are always welcome to visit.

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